Just some stream doods that I did of these awesome cuties. Thank you to those who took the time to visit. :)

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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"It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once."

—Midnight thoughts (sometimes I’m a mess)
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if anybody asks me why i hate men, i’m just gonna redirect them to this post.

it’s pretty fucking obvious that men only want to invest in breast cancer research to further degrade, objectify, and jerk off to body parts they already feel 100% entitled to. that’s what is at stake for them. 

what about the women whose “tatas” weren’t saved? how must they feel being surrounded by awareness ads that focus more on keeping women’s sexy-sexy-titties-to-continue-titillating-the-males than saving real life human beings and helping survivors? 

If anyone’s wondering, those posts came from here. It’s a forum for breast cancer support. Give it a read, and you’ll see how many women are outright abandoned by their husbands, sometimes after being married for decades, because their “tatas” couldn’t be saved.

:( :( :( :(

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Segasonic the Hedgehog CM (1993)

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*me pointing a character* chubby

*fandom large crying voice* no… you don’t underknow… they cant be chubby………. Stop….. theyre supposed to be hot…….. you’re wrong…… you cannot say this fake thing….

*me pointing to a character* luv this chubby character

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deltamage said: the pyramid is in your dream??

Not yet, but usually most dream things I encounter eventually pay me a visit. I already saw Dipper and Mabel before I even watched the show and I decided to give it a shot. 

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All images were created by me.

For more awesome art, check out my DA site here

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"I am a free man. I feel as light as a feather." || edited

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Playing with Tooth’s feathers is f u n. 

Bg pattern (x)

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there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

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"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you."

— Steve Jobs (via psych-facts)
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Just in case any of you haven’t seen this yet, Its a bunch of deleted scenes of how Bill and Dipper met and so on. If you have already watched the dreamscaperers episode then i fully recommend that you watch this as well!

Aahaha I love that he does the sound effects this is amazing wowowow

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